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Harry Potter ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’, composed by J.K. Rowling, is a superb case of an advanced novel that utilizes medieval impacts widely. A significant number of the novel’s characters depend on medieval thoughts and odd notions. The settings in the book look like old medieval towns just as manors. The book is likewise brimming with medieval symbolism, for example, knights in protective layer, carriages and so on. While there is no time travel associated with the novel, the medieval period is utilized to such an impact, that the peruser is urged to overlook the way that the book is set in the present. Individuals in the medieval period were very offbeat. They put stock in anecdotal characters, for example, witches and wizards. ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ is a novel dependent on the presence of witches and wizards in mystery networks. The medieval period is notable for the pecking order of society. The general public comprised of landowners and their workers. This medieval component was brought into the story as house mythical people. House mythical beings are little animals that work for the wizarding networks that have no rights and can't utilize any enchantment: â€Å"The minuscule animal turned upward and separated its fingers, uncovering gigantic earthy colored eyes and a nose the specific size and state of an enormous tomato†¦it was†¦unmistakably a house-mythical being, as Harry’s companion Dobby had been. Harry had liberated Dobby from his old proprietors, the Malfoy family.† (p88) The epic likewise fuses anecdotal creatures that medieval individuals accepted to be genuine. These incorporate animals, for example, winged serpents, trolls and three-headed pooches: â€Å"Dragons. Four completely developed, gigantic, awful looking winged serpents were raising on their rear legs inside a walled in area fenced with thick boards of wood, thundering and grunting downpours of fire were shooting into the dull sky from their open, fanged mouths, fifty feet over the ground on their outstretched necks.† (p286) Individuals living in the medieval period made anecdotes about animals, for example, these and saints that vanquished them. Along these lines ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ utilizes medieval impacts. The settings utilized in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ are ordinary of those found in writing of the medieval period. The initial scene is set in a run of the mill present day rural road. The accompanying scene is set at the ‘Hogwarts Castle’. A château is a normal medieval picture utilized in a great deal of medieval writing.

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Make the topic, whatever you choose as the product Research Paper

Make the subject, whatever you pick as the item - Research Paper Example gy that delivers the best quality, it utilizes dependable testing methods and different quality affirmation rules that make its items all the more engaging and enduring (Licari 2005). Vaskovã ¡ and Vaskovã ¡ (2010) call attention to that the advantage of utilizing the this sort of site in directing business is that the productivity of correspondence between the provider and the purchaser is extraordinarily improved that the purchaser can undoubtedly speak with the provider on the kind of items that are accessible and even the requesting procedure of the accessible items by the purchaser is made simple. One disadvantage of utilizing this site is that there are different security worries that may risk the exchange procedure. The principle security danger is that the data of the exchange can be gotten to by the programmers who are noxious and can utilize the data furthering their own potential benefit for instance these people can get to the bank subtleties in this way taking cash from either the provider or the purchaser. It is sensible to estimate that most exchange SME’s will happen with regards to locales like on the grounds that the vast majority of the destinations are developing at a quicker rate and are arranged as either medium or little endeavors as this will assist with jumping advancement and rivalry in the different existing financial segments. The exchanges that are led in the different destinations that are accessible today help in building trust in the individuals that utilization the site to direct business, in this way, the straightforwardness of any site relies upon the trustworthiness of the proprietors in conveying what they are commanded to do. Misrepresentation is a standard event in the web since there are numerous fraudsters who go about as fakers for their own childish additions, subsequently, any person who conducts business through different destinations ought to be wary of the fraudsters in the commercial center. The worldwide money related emergency will make an open door for locales like in that these little and medium undertakings will be able to make

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Eating Disorders and Vegetarianism

Eating Disorders and Vegetarianism Eating Disorders Diagnosis Print Eating Disorders and Vegetarianism: What’s the Connection? By Lauren Muhlheim, PsyD, CEDS facebook twitter linkedin Lauren Muhlheim, PsyD, is a certified eating disorders expert and clinical psychologist who provides cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. Learn about our editorial policy Lauren Muhlheim, PsyD, CEDS Updated on February 10, 2020 Anjelika Gretskaia, Moment, Getty Images More in Eating Disorders Diagnosis Symptoms Treatment Awareness and Prevention Are you or someone you know a vegetarian? Are you or they struggling with disordered eating or an eating disorder? If you or a loved one has an eating disorder you may be wondering whether you or they should become or remain a vegetarian. In order to make this decision, we must first explore the complicated relationship between eating disorders and vegetarianism. What to Know About Eating Disorders Defining Vegetarians There exists only limited research on the connection between vegetarianism and eating disorders; the research that exists is confounded by a number of factors. The first problem is that most of the research on vegetarians and eating disorders collapses all categories of vegetarians together in order to get large enough sample sizes to draw conclusions. In reality, vegetarianism refers a wide variety of diets that exclude meat products to some degree (with nonvegetarians referred to as omnivores): Vegansâ€"avoid all meat productsOvolactovegetariansâ€"refrain from eating the flesh of animals but consume milk and eggsPescatariansâ€"eat fish, milk, and eggs but avoid other meat productsSemivegetariansâ€"avoid or limit some meat products such as red meat A second problem is that the studies tend to rely entirely on diet self-reporting, which may or may not be accurate. The third problem with most of the research on eating disorders and vegetarianism is that it is correlational. This means that it cannot definitively show whether vegetarianism causes eating disorders or whether eating disorders lead to vegetarianism. The Reasons People Become Vegetarian The most common reasons people report for choosing a vegetarian diet include personal or religious convictions; health concerns; sensory issues related to the taste and feel of meat; and concerns about cost. Moral considerations, primarily around animal welfare concerns, are the most common reason for vegetarianism in the United States, cited by 59% of vegetarians. The second most reported motivationâ€"health concernsâ€"can often be a cover for weight concerns, as many people mistakenly equate thinness and health. People with eating disorders cite health more frequently than those in the general population as their primary motivation for vegetarianism. Rates of Vegetarianism and Eating Disorders Patients with eating disorders report higher rates of vegetarianism than those in the general public. Most of the research has focused on patients with anorexia nervosa. In three chart review studies of patients with anorexia, approximately half of the patients reported adhering to a vegetarian diet. By contrast, a 2018 poll by Gallup poll found that only 5 percent of Americans said they were vegetarian and 3 percent reported they were vegan.?? According to Bardone-Cone and colleagues (2012), compared to control subjects, individuals with an eating disorder history were significantly more likely to ever have been vegetarian (52 percent versus 12 percent). They also reported weight control as their primary reason for being vegetarian. Most reported that their vegetarianism was related to their eating disorder and had emerged after the onset of their illness.?? Adolescent vegetarians have been shown to be four times as likely as nonvegetarians to vomit for weight control. Does Vegetarianism Cause or Contribute to Eating Disorders? Of the various eating disorders, anorexia is most commonly believed to be related to vegetarianism. People with anorexia usually significantly restrict the range of foods that they eatâ€"vegetarianism may be a socially acceptable way for individuals with anorexia to do just that. Bardone-Cone and colleagues found that 60 percent of eating disorder patients who were vegetarians reported that their adoption of a vegetarian diet began at least one year after the onset of eating disorder symptoms. Most (68 percent) felt there was a relationship between vegetarianism and their eating disorder. Those who admitted this relationship reported that being vegetarian helped them lose weight and maintain an eating disorder. They also reported that vegetarianism provided another avenue to decrease caloric intake and contributed to their feeling in control.?? In summary, it appears that vegetarianism may not be a causal factor in the development of an eating disorder, but it can be a symptom of the illness or perhaps a maintaining factor. Does Vegetarianism Affect Recovery From an Eating Disorder? There is some evidence that a vegetarian diet may maintain the illness or impede recovery from an eating disorder. In one study, women who had previously been diagnosed with anorexia and were not in remission were significantly more likely to identify as vegetarian compared to participants who were in remission. According to Bardone-Cone and colleagues, those patients with an active eating disorder were more likely than those in full recovery to be vegetarian (33 percent versus 5 percent). In another small study, half of the patients who were consuming insufficient calories were following a vegetarian or primarily vegetarian diet.?? Should I (Or My Loved One) Stay a Vegetarian? It can be important to first better understand an individual’s motivation for vegetarianism. Specifically looking at when they began eating a vegetarian diet in relation to the onset of their eating disorder. We often say, “If it came in with the eating disorder, it’s likely a part of the eating disorder.” Maintaining a vegetarian diet while trying to recover from an eating disorder (anorexia in particular) is difficult and frequently not recommended. There are four main reasons to reintroduce meat to vegetarian eating disorder patients. To decrease rule-driven eating disorder behaviors.To decrease family conflictTo ensure adequate energy intakeTo ensure adequate nutrients including iron, calcium, and fatty acids Decreasing Rule-Driven Eating Disorder Behaviors Let’s look at each of these in turn. People with eating disorders, especially anorexia, have fears about eating foods they believe will make them gain weight and, hence, follow rigid restrictive dietary rules. Restricting the range and amount of food they eat reduces their anxiety in the short-term and is hence reinforced. Adhering to a vegetarian diet can decrease anxiety by justifying the avoidance of feared foods. Consequently, the reintroduction of meat into the diet as part of treatment expectedly would increase anxiety. Successful recovery from eating disorders involves overcoming dietary rules, increasing eating flexibly, and learning to tolerate short-term anxiety. Successful stable recovery from anorexia is associated with greater flexibility and higher fat in the diet. Decreasing Family Conflict Family conflict can be high when a person with an eating disorder has rigid rules about what foods they will eat. Conflict around meals can ultimately be decreased by helping a family member with an eating disorder overcome rigid rules about eating and conquering meat can be an important step in this process. Ensuring Adequate Energy Intake One of the first practical steps of eating disorder treatment is to increase regular eating, ensure adequate nutrition, and increase weight in those who are weight suppressed. People at the start of recovery from anorexia nervosa are often hypermetabolic, meaning they need very high levels of caloric intake (beyond those of an individual without the diagnosis) in order to gain weight. Generally, vegetarian diets are not recommended during the renourishment process because they are associated with lower-calorie foods and many of the required nutrient-dense foods are found in animal products. Further, patients with anorexia nervosa often experience early fullness and cannot tolerate the volume of vegetarian food that would be required to restore weight. Ensuring Adequate Nutrients When a diet includes meat it is easier to ensure adequate intake of several micronutrients, including iron, calcium, and fatty acids. Anorexia patients entering treatment often have inadequate intake of iron, calcium, and fatty acids, including two omega-3 fatty acids that are important for proper body functioning including building brain matter. These fatty acids are most commonly found in the highest concentrations in eggs, meat, and fish, which are foods commonly excluded by vegetarians and vegans. Also, vegetarians may be at greater risk than nonvegetarians of zinc deficiency. Low zinc intake can affect neurotransmitters in the brain. It is important to ensure that the diet used in refeeding meets the needs of these nutrients. In Conclusion There does not seem to be research that suggests that a vegetarian diet causes eating disorders. However, vegetarian diets can be used to hide an existing eating disorder. It is also likely that it maintains eating pathology and can contribute to a slower and more difficult recovery. A Word From Verywell The decision about whether to remain vegetarian is one that should be made in conjunction with your family and treatment team. The reason you eliminated meat from your diet in the first place should be explored. It should be noted that determining the true motivation for vegetarianism is not always straightforward. If it appears related to eating pathology then it will likely need to be addressed. On the other hand, if your family has been vegetarian for your lifetime, or is vegetarian for religious or other ideological reasons, then you may be able to adhere to a vegetarian diet but will have to work hard to include enough fat and calories and may need nutritional supplements to ensure adequate nutrients. Alternatively, you may decide to put the vegetarianism aside temporarily in the service of recovery. A vegan diet is much harder to recover on and is generally not advised for any person with an eating disorder due it its extremely restrictive nature. How to Manage the Negative Thoughts That Accompany Disordered Eating

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U.s. Military Draft History - 1449 Words

The draft started on April 16, 1862 for the Confederate States during the Civil War. The Union then conducted their own draft on March 3, 1863. The Northern 1862 draft was an attempt to let states handle their own conscriptions, instead of the old volunteer militia. The next draft took place on September 16, 1940 for World War I and remained in effect continuously until 1973. The president, Woodrow Wilson, decided that â€Å"A draft was needed and nearly 3,000,000 soldiers were drafted following the Service Act of 1917.† (Understanding the U.S. Military Draft History 1). The reasoning behind President Wilson calling for the draft is because â€Å"Before the draft only 73,000 soldiers volunteered during the first 6 weeks of World War I† (Understanding the U.S. Military Draft History 1). Before July of 1973 â€Å"The draft was in effect continuously from 1940 to 1973† (Smith 1). This means that more than 10,000,000 men were drafted and sent off into battle througho ut the past wars. One of the most controversial drafts was the infamous Vietnam War Era. The Vietnam war was also called the Ten Thousand Day War because of how long it took to end. The United States was not initially involved in the starting of the Vietnam war. The United States got involved after France requested to leave of the war after suffering a huge loss in the battle of Dien Bien Phu, which was the first Indochina war in Vietnam. What is Indochina exactly? Indochina is a peninsula of Southeastern Asia that includesShow MoreRelatedShould the United States have Mandatory Military Conscription?966 Words   |  4 Pagesup with information from several studies providing evidence for continuing the worlds greatest all volunteer (entry) military force. For the vast majority of our nation’s history, the United States has had an all volunteer military. During our nations over two hundred and thirty seven years, only about thirty five, most of which in the 20th century, was conscription or a â€Å"draft† was in effect. The United States, up until the Civil War, rarely kept nor desired a standing Army. Relying on individualRead MoreThe War Of The Vietnam War1704 Words   |  7 Pagesit is always swept aside. The Vietnam War divided the U.S. as the war continued throughout the years. The U.S. shouldn’t have been involved in the Vietnam War because the Domino Theory was not correct. Before the U.S. started combat in Vietnam, there was the First Indochina War. France had colonized Indochina for many years, until Ho Chi Minh, a communist leader, and his group called the Viet Minh started to fight back (â€Å"Vietnam War†). The U.S. supported the French in their war, because it did notRead MoreEssay on The United States Military 988 Words   |  4 PagesThe United states Military is made up of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard branches, however the Army is the only branch that has ever issued a conscription or draft and has done so many times during its wars. The Draft was abolished in 1973 in favor of an all volunteer army, but men of draft age still to this day have to register to the Selective Service System so a draft can be readily applied if needed. The draft system recruits and places men into the military during a time ofRead MoreMilitary Draft No longer Necessary Essay1745 Words   |  7 PagesMilitary Draft No Longer Necessar y Over forty years has passed since the United States inducted the last draftee through the Selective Service System. The Selective Service System is an independent agency of the United States, which gives the President the right or power to conscript men for military service. There have been different Acts passed by congress since 1917 that require men of various ages to register for service. Although, the name of each Act and the age requirements of the registriesRead MoreEssay on Military Draft531 Words   |  3 Pages Military Draft According to the U.S. Department of Defense, the United States military now maintains a force of around 1.4 million active duty personnel. In times of relative peace, this is sufficient to protect U.S. interests at home and abroad. But when the United States engages in a larger scale operation, the military may need to call up reserve forces. In a major conflict, the United States may even institute the draft, drawing soldiers from the general civilian population. The idea ofRead MorePolitical Climate of the 1970s Paper1047 Words   |  5 Pagesfirst president to resign in U.S. history. The 1970s was a challenging time for the people of the nation and the faith the country had in the government diminished. By the end of the Vietnam War the social outcome of the nation was beaten and battered. The baby boomers of the 1950s were confronted with the draft when they came of age and were forced to fight in the war. Many Americans believed that the U.S. should not be in Vietnam and protested to bring the military home. College campuses wereRead MoreReinstating the Military Draft878 Words   |  4 PagesReinstating the Military Draft The military draft has been used several times throughout the United States history. It has been used for different conflicts such as the World Wars, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. By 1973, the country switched to an all-volunteer military service, abandoning the concept of the military draft (Brisbane, par. 1). Congressman Charles Rangel planned to introduce a legislation calling for the draft reinstatement. If a military draft is reinstated, everyone, no matterRead More conscription Essay1031 Words   |  5 Pagespopular topic-conscription (mandatory military enlistment). Senator Charles Rangel of New York was the one that introduced the call for the military draft upon the Senate. The draft was revoked and still hasn’t been in affect since the Vietnam War over thirty years ago. Reinstitution of conscription would not help this country right now, it will just make matters worse. It is not necessary to permit a draft in the United States because our advanced voluntary military should be able to control the defenseRead MoreI Must Study Politicks And My Sons971 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"I must study politicks and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematicks and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematicks and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, musick, architecture, statuary, tapestry and porcelaine,† (Adams). Never did this idea become so ingrained in the American population than the largest conflict to ever occur on earth, World War IIRead MoreThe Military Draft is Unconstitutional Essay724 Words   |  3 Pageswere times when a militarized force wasn’t nearly large enough for an impending war as necessary to stand even that of a fighting chance towards victory. Our nation’s solution to this problem was creating the military draft, which most recently was used during the Vietnam War . The military draft, or Selective Service System, is Conscription, or in other words â€Å"forced labor demanded by some established authority† (Worddiq). â€Å"From 1948 until 1973, during both peacetime and periods of conflict, men were

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Why Audience Is Important For Writing A Paper Essay

Many people struggle with writing a paper because they do not know how to make their paper appealing to the audience. If you don t know who the audience is it can lead to many disadvantages because you would have a lot of criticism.Also, your paper wouldnt be interesting to someone who doesn’t know much about the topic. The audience is the most important thing to worry about in writing. Sometimes you forget that you’re writing not only for your benefits but also the reader s benefits too. There are ways to show you how to appeal to and know your type of audience. Before you can make your paper appealing to the audience, you have to know who your audience is and why the audience can be important to your paper. â€Å"Knowing your audience helps you make decisions about what information you should include, how you should arrange that information, and what kind of supporting details will be necessary for the reader to understand what you are presenting† (â€Å"Wr iting for†).Knowing this information can make your paper so much easier because if you know what your audience is looking for and explaining your topic many people would be interested in your paper. If you don’t know how to arrange a paper to make it revealing it would be very hard for the audience to know what’s going on in your paper. If you want to make your argument appealing you should dissert your readers. Writing a paper can be lengthy if you don’t know much about the topic you are writing about. You couldShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Audience and Writing1047 Words   |  5 PagesThe Audience and Writing Audience. Just one word yet it stirs frighteningly confusing images of perplexing thoughts in my mind. The word alone is strange, but when put in context of an essay it leaves me baffled and frustrated[d1] . The questions; â€Å"What is Audience?† â€Å"Why do I need it?† and, â€Å"What purpose does it serve?† are important to my finally some day understanding the concept of Audience, but at this point I can’t answer them fully[d2] . I can grasp the understanding of allRead MoreHow Rhetoric Is Required For Every College Student1566 Words   |  7 Pagesstudent in order for them to write an academic essay. In college writing, many professors wants us, as students, to actually write a college paper, not an informal paper that may be accepted in high school. de the reader feel that we know what we need to write and how to write rhetorical awareness is important for multilingual writer. Because The instructor want us to be able use our own knowl edge and demonstrate our own skills while writing. Consequently, the more practice we have, the better we getRead MoreDifferent Types Of Writing And Presenting870 Words   |  4 PagesProfessor Liberato Silva dos Santos, During this semester, I learned about the different types of writing and presenting. This is known as the WOVE communication. WOVE is an acronym for these types of communication: Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic. Each type of communication has its pros and cons, but if you are able combine more than one type together, you end up communicating to your audience better than with only one type of communication. Ever since being in this class, I have learnedRead MoreSurvival Guide : Rhetoric And Writing1741 Words   |  7 PagesSurvival Guide to Rhetoric and Writing This guide is to help aid you in bettering your writing skills and provide tips that approach the process of writing with rhetoric. I’m not a great writer myself therefore I cannot make you one. I can, however, explain to you the most important rhetorical concepts and writing strategies needed when writing any paper in hopes that it will aid you with any future writing assignments you come across. Introduction to Rhetoric The traditional definition of theRead MoreGuidelines For A Strong Essay915 Words   |  4 PagesGuidelines to a strong essay You might be wondering why it is important to write a strong essay I can give a few reasons. It is important to write essays because it helps to further develop your writing skills. If you continue to write essays, journals etc. you learn to express yourself, by not physically saying anything which can be hard. Everyone needs to know the process to writing a strong essay, because you never know when you might have to do something for your job. Without utilizing theseRead MoreWriting Technique And Sentence Structure1230 Words   |  5 PagesMWP4 Final Writing is a tool used in many subjects, and it has a great deal of importance in our society. In this article written by Fish, the reader is given his perspective on what a writing course should encompass. Fish begins the article by pointing out the problem with english composition classes today. On the first page he mentions how one day ,while grading papers, he noticed that his graduate students did not write clean proper sentences. Fish took it upon himself to find out why students lackRead MoreMy Writing With The Wise Advice From Mr. Michael Parker Essay966 Words   |  4 Pagescontinuously improved my writing skills. With the wise advice from Mr. Michael Parker, I improved to make each paper better than the last. At the beginning of the year, I had a major problem with my organization most of all. I fixed up all my other errors in my works dealing with different aspects in writing. This English 1100 course has exposed me to how a good piece of work should be made. Writing is a process and learning the process has helped me to be the better writer I am today. Writing and English areRead MoreReflection Of College Level Writing836 Words   |  4 Pages In the past years of my school journey from middle school now to high-school, I have struggled with writing papers. I was not an excellent writer or rather the best writer. I had trouble with expressing my main idea of my paper whenever I was given a topic. Even though my teachers would tell me to brainstorm before I started writing, I still somehow struggled because I was better at letting ideas flow through my head as I write. I was not an expert at developing sentence structure or details asRead MoreEssay on The Writing Process944 Words   |  4 PagesConsider how the writing process you read about in this class differs from the process you have used in the past. What specifically have you done in the past compared to what you read about this week? . The process that I have read about in this class differs a lot from the process I have used in the past in many different ways. I n the past when I was given a writing assignment if research was needed I just found the basic information I needed and write the paper. After the readings this weekRead MoreWhy You Be So Complex And Open877 Words   |  4 Pages Writing, oh, writing why must you be so complex and open to discussion? This question constantly pops up into my head at every instance in which I strike the keyboard on MacBook Pro. As I’m writing this essay I’m questioning my word choice and the stream of ideas that enter my mind at a rate that I cannot control. Which one is good? Which one is bad? It would be rather easy to write each individual essay with an exact prompt and guideline that the professor provides to ensure the correct ideas

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Engagement Letter Free Essays

Process general ledger transactions, including Journal entries f. Carry out bank reconciliations on a weekly basis 2. Payroll Services a. We will write a custom essay sample on Engagement Letter or any similar topic only for you Order Now Enter staff timeshares b. Prepare payroll runs as per required frequency c. Monitor employee entitlements d. Reconcile payroll on monthly basis to ensure no discrepancies e. Prepare end of year payroll reconciliation and payment summariea. Reconcile, verify and report In relation to the SST accounting b. Prepare and Lodge Business Actively Statement as required c. Prepare and lodge Installment Actively Statement as required d. Lease with Australian Taxation Office In relation to these services a. Provision of telephone support b. Liaise with external accountant Should you require any additional work outside the above scope could you please advise in an email before commencement. If I believe this work to be outside my experience or competency I retain the right to decline the work and/or seek help from a person who holds the expertise. Service Fees any Payments All bookkeeping fees for the services I provide to you will be based on the time spent and the degree of skill necessary to complete the tasks required as between the parties. We will issue you with an invoice for services rendered on a monthly basis enabling you to track all costs incurred. Our bookkeeping fees are: Bookkeeping Hourly Rate $45. 00 per hour (Note: All Bookkeeping Fees will be reviewed on an Annual Basis to ensure feasibility of the work) Terms of Payment All invoices must be paid within 14 days of the date of invoice. I reserve the right to top work if you fail to make any payment when and as it falls due This agreement may be terminated by either party with a minimum of 30 days’ notice. Yours sincerely, Bookkeeper Client Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Letter of Engagement If you are in agreement with the payment terms and terms of engagement please sign and return the attached duplicate letter to me I hereby acknowledge and accept the terms of this engagement as set out. I shall be personally liable for all fees for services performed in accordance with such agreement. Name: Print Name Signed . How to cite Engagement Letter, Papers

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The Power of Rewards at Industry International

Table of Contents Introduction Strategic Organizational Communication Organizational Structure of Industry International Changes in the Rule-Reward System Motivational Strategies Deployed Conclusion References Introduction The following paper provides a case study of the chapter â€Å"The Power of Rewards at Industry International† from the perspective of strategic organizational communication and how it applied in this instance (Conrad Poole 2005). The case study provides a definition of strategic organizational communication and highlights the organizational structure that the company Industry International operated under.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on The Power of Rewards at Industry International specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The case study also delineates the changes in the rule–reward system that triggered resistance in the workforce, and details the strategies that the empl oyees deployed to minimize resistance and add value to the rule–reward system. Finally, the case study lists the strategies used to motivate the employees, and concludes with insight as to why the employees changed. Strategic Organizational Communication Strategic organizational communication means that communication within an organization will have a focused agenda whereby policies are set, rules are enforced, modes of reward are defined and methods of attaining higher status within the organization are communicated formally and informally (Conrad Poole 2005). Within an organization such as Industry International for example, strategic organizational communication changes radically according to the stability of the bonus system, which is directly dependent on the economic health of the organization (Conrad Poole 2005). Informal strategic organizational communication therefore will be subtle, often non-verbal cues which communicate what behaviors the employees should adopt in order to sustain and grow their bonuses (Conrad Poole 2005). Organizational Structure of Industry International The organizational structure of Industry International is centralized; decisions that affect the entire organization are made by the top tier of management, and there is a pronounced division between management and workers (Conrad Poole 2005). The centralized nature of Industry International appears most readily in the area of bonuses, namely, how the year-end bonuses are allotted, and how much money the year-end bonuses consist of – both of these decisions are arbitrary and utterly dependent on a system created and maintained by the management chain of command (Conrad Poole 2005). According to Conrad and Poole (2005), the bonus system at Industry International operates on a system of merit points that is not standardized and remains highly susceptible to personal politics and interpretation (Conrad Poole 2005). â€Å"Merit points are based on output, qualit y, dependability, and personal characteristics. The first two can be quantified, leading employees to â€Å"work like dogs† until they are dangerously exhausted by long hours and difficult working conditions; the latter two cannot, creating a highly political atmosphere in the plant. Most echoed one worker’s conclusion that â€Å"if you don’t go along with the system [managers], you could be the hardest worker in the world†¦ and you would still be way short [on the bonus] because you have not gone with the flow and you would be blackballed, and they give you what they want to give you† (Conrad Poole 2005).Advertising Looking for research paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Changes in the Rule-Reward System In the case study, changes in the rule–reward system that caused resistance occurred in the lowering of the annual bonuses, an action which was attributed to the recession (Conrad and Poole 2005) â€Å"Many workers lost their homes and cars because they were relying on large bonuses to pay mortgages and loans. Workers attributed the decline to many things, but primarily to management greed and incompetence—a â€Å"fat managerial level and more men at the top,† embezzlement, and mismanagement of overseas accounts† (Conrad and Poole 2005). The strategies that the workers considered to lesson resistance or add value to the rule–reward system included labor strikes, forming a union and in extreme cases workers threatened management with physical violence (Conrad and Poole 2005).The workers had grown accustomed to receiving the bonus from year to year and so many did not manage their money as strategically as they might have, assuming that the year-end bonuses would always come to bail out whatever expenses they had accrued over the course of the year (Conrad and Poole 2005). Motivational Strategies Deployed Initi ally the strategies deployed to motivate the Industry International workers were financial incentives (Conrad and Poole 2005). Industry International workers derived the bulk of their income from a year-end bonus; with this bonus, the workers earned â€Å"three times the average salary for U.S. manufacturing employees [though they were] not unionized†¦had no paid vacations, and†¦worked 45–50 hours per week†¦ From 1943 to 1994 the bonus percentage ranged from 55 percent to 104 percent; in 1994 it was 61 percent† (Conrad and Poole 2005).Other indirect motivational strategies occurred as a result of the financial motivation that the large bonuses created; these included elevated social status within the community, as evidenced by the following quotes from Industry International employees: â€Å"As soon as†¦friends and neighbors†¦find out you work [at Industry International], they think you have money coming out of your ears†¦ They think Iâ⠂¬â„¢m the richest SOB in the world†¦Years ago we made more money than professional football players† (Conrad and Poole 2005). Conclusion The motivational strategies changed as a result of the recession; with less money coming in, Industry International’s bonuses shrank considerably. Thereafter, the employees became aware of the limited options available to them based on their age, their level of education, and the fact that â€Å"high-paying manufacturing jobs are becoming very rare in the United States† (Conrad and Poole 2005). References Conrad, C., Poole, M. (2005). Strategic organizational communication in a global economy (6th ed.), Belmond, CA: Wadsworth. 66-107.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on The Power of Rewards at Industry International specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This research paper on The Power of Rewards at Industry International was written and submitted by user Tanner Knight to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.